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This page is dedicated to my hobbies, favorite food, music, movies etc.

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Svalbard Report 2003
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Hobbies and fun

My year in Svalbard

One year in Svalbard, an abridged report in German


Each German speaking meteorology student should visit the Studentische Meteorologen-Tagung at least once.
Each year the StuMeTa takes place between the Ascension Thursday and the following weekend. Its main purpose is to get to know other meteorology students. Because of the annual change of the location, the participants will see many institutes and universities in Germany and Austria. During the meeting there are presentations from the professors of the hosting university, workshops from the students, and excursions to research institutes in the near surrounding. I participated following Stumetas: Frankfurt 2010, Karlsruhe 2009, Kiel 2008, Leipzig 2007 Hanover 2006, Munich 2004, Vienna 2002, and Berlin 2001.

My favorite ...

Activities Travelling, parties, musicals, having picnic, nice evenings with friends, photography, interesting discussions, spontaneous trips, billard
Sports Hiking, jogging, swimming (especially in lakes), skiing (alpine and cross-country), mountain bike, aquaball, sauna
Movies Arizona Dream, The life of Brian, Doctor Schiwago, Amelie from Montmartre
TV series Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot, The Big Bang Theory, Ally McBeal, Californication, Scrubs
Food Lasagne, pizza, and everything with lots of cheese on it

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